Thursday, April 3, 2014

So to begin with, let me tell you a little bit about myself 

I am starting this blog as a student, an openminded person, a person 
who is hungry to travel and learn about other cultures.

I am a newly turned 20 year old girl at living in Canterbury, United Kingdom. 

I was born and brought up in India. A Bangalorean at heart.

Being a second year law student doesn't make my life easy. Life involves a lot of stress and work. 

To find the perfect balance between work and fun..tell me that's a myth?

I have the best of friends at University; what would I do without them. And of course my favourites from India will be forever at the back of my mind - wherever I am. 

Family first. 

It is easy for me to immerse myself in what is around me. As a part of my degree I am going to study in Shanghai, China for a year. I am immensely excited. 

I am excited to see how I cope with the culture shocks I shall experience over the next two years. I will be in China for the coming academic year but I will be back in the "West" for the year after. 

I am a dog lover.

I like to dress well and I like people who dress well. I consider it a skill, not everyone is blessed with it unfortunately. 

I love food. 

I appreciate people with manners and etiquette.. more than I can verbally express. 

It's a bit vain to talk about oneself, but I guess I am pretty easy going, friendly and fun loving.

January 2014